WORLD PREMIER: Anastacia “Awakening The Silence”

Big hello everyone!! Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films here writing to tell you about an amazing experience I had a few months ago shooting a Short Film with Singer/songwriter Anastacia! I love my job!! and some days I love it even more than usual! Sometimes things come together in ways not thought possible….I’m talking about many things but I’m also talking about the “WEATHER”, but when you put it like that it seems SO scientific not so MEANT TO BE!! Which is really what it was. Last October we had a string of really cold and rainy days! In the middle of this “weather” pattern was a break.. and only for a day! We were shooting from the time the sun came up till after the sun went down and what we captured in my eyes…WAS MAGIC!! We kept it simple and I had an idea of some great locations we wanted to shoot at but with a little more exploration we found some hidden gems right here in Central Oregon! Maybe places you’re not used to seeing so much even if you are a local to the area!

Armed with my RED Scarlet camera and Kessler pocket dolly Anastacia and I traveled from corner to corner of the county capturing some breathtaking images all the while telling a story hidden within another. To sum it up the concept is about LETTING GO and STARTING OVER. Watch all the way till the end for what are the most magical beams of sunlight in a misty rainforest I’ve ever been present for. brings shivers down my spine!

This marks the 2nd video I’ve collaborated on with Anastacia and what a great experience to share with such a passionate and talented artist! We’ve been friends for years and it was great to spend the day hanging out and making art!

One thing that makes this video different than music videos I’ve done in the past is there are no singing shots! This was a first for me and I had wanted to do this for a while! Just tell a story and not convolute it with singing shots. A Short Film…kinda. Maybe more in the future we’ll see! I definitely see myself wanting to take things in a new direction….if the project permits of course!

Hope you all enjoy!
Tim Cash

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  1. Beautiful shots of Central Oregon. I am the mother of Becky, whom I think was with you on the shoot.

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