The ASTRONOT | Feature Film

WOW! What to say about this one? As a filmmaker you spend your entire life building up to that moment. The moment when you get to be at the helm of a feature film. Maybe its not Jurassic Park…or Saving Private Ryan But its a film! A feature film! funny how I thought the dream had died. How I didn’t really crave it anymore…to make a BIG ONE! Maybe that was the grounding I needed to do it. The task ahead was daunting. almost 30 days of shooting. Most days just me as the crew and the talent who were also doubling as crew. I suppose I should start at the top!

A few years back I had the pleasure of collaberating with Pennan Brae on several music video. All really fun and entertaining concepts. Pennan is from Vancouver BC and is a musical genius riff writer / songwriter and composer. Anyway, after a slew of music videos he decided to take his art in a new direction. He began to pen a story and record a soundtrack to a feature film. He told me he felt that he’s pretty much done everything he set out to do with music videos and heart was pulling him towards this story.

First I have to reflect on the first time i ever saw Pennan. He had emailed after searching for music video directors online. I immediately looked him up and watched the GOING DOWN music video. the opening had a funny little scene before the song started and I laughed out loud. Pennan doesn’t even say a word. He just reacts…and it was so FUNNY!! So here comes the chance to help him tell his story! THE ASTRONOT. The story of an odd man living his secluded life in 1969 rural central Oregon. Afraid of whats out there while following the space race and a new frontier of human discovery!

This film began principal production in October of 2015 and we finished in Febuary after an early and long winter set us back. So many things to say about this one I just don’t even know where to begin. in the end I hope it looks like it took a big crew to make and that our story is concise and ..well riveting! You will have to be the judge of that when it comes out this summer. until then here is the preview!





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