The Immortal Pennan Brae

Hi Everyone! This is Tim Cash of Far from earth Films based in Bend Oregon. When I look back at my career to date I always come across these Pennan Brae videos and feel so incredibly lucky to be apart of such works of art! I don’t believe in the box but if there was one it would be in the other room. looking forward to working with him again on some more projects. Hope you all enjoy!!

“For You”
A simple little piece shot in a fountain in Redmond oregon

Pennan Brae “For You” directed by Tim Cash from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“If I Lose You”
Shot at Rage Studios on the Red Camera

Pennan Brae “If I Lose You” music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Lonely Heartbeat”
Always fun to be on the moon

Pennan Brae “Lonely Heartbeat” music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Somethings Missing”
Got to use an old stock cartoon from a 100 years ago

Pennan Brae “Something’s Missing” music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“The Forgotten Man”
Alzteimers is the subject of this

Pennan Brae “The Forgotten Man” from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

Probalby my favorite video with Pennan

Pennan Brae “Fling” directed by Tim Cash from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Blind Love”
Shot at Stars Cabaret in Bend Oregon

Pennan Brae “Blind Love” directed by Tim Cash from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

My wife Yuvia plays the lead in the piece! also one of my fans!

Pennan Brae “Signs” directed by Tim Cash from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Don’t Know Nuthin Bout Love”

Pennan Brae | Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout Love | music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Won’t You Spend The Night With Me”
Dogs! Need I say More!

Pennan Brae | Won’t You | Tim Cash Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

“Pennan Brae”
awww, the happy face video. pretty epic. Shot in one day in San Francisco

Pennan Brae | Tim Cash Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.


Tim Cash music video director with Far From Earth Films here!Just returned from a 6 music video tour through Northern California and Jamaica! 2 with Judrums from Nigerian on the North Coast and 4 music videos for JahSun in Jamaica. The trip was incredible and I really felt the buzz of publicly and the beginning of a long career in reggae music in Jamaica. I made tons of connections via Oufah Media out of Kingston JA, and got to see some of my music video work on TV. Currently we have the #1 music video on Hype TV with Standing On All Threes by Omi. and we got to shoot with to Jamaican Stars in Richie Spice & Kabaka Pyramid. The sky is the limit and we continue to reach for the stars and stay Far from Earth!!

Who says you can’t shoot a Music Video on the Red Scarlet at 5k

Hi again everyone! Tim Cash of Far from Earth Films and Far From Earth Creative here in Bend Oregon. Well had the chance to put my new RED Scarlet to the test as it arrived just days before 2 BIG Music video shoots for Jamaican pop sensation Omi. We shot one of the videos at regular speed 24fps at 4k and it looks gorgeous! But the other music video I wanted to try something a little different. In the past I’ve experimented with variable frame rates for singing shots. shooting at 36fps and having the talent sing the song at a sped up 150% and I’ve also done 18fps. and had them sing to the song at 75%. when put into a 24 fps timeline each look is different but adds drama. slowmo singing or sped up singing. but this was the first time I decided to shoot an entire music video at 12fps. and have the singer sync to a 50% slowed down version of the song.then edit at 24fps. the result is a highly animated sped up look and we got away with 5k on the Scarlet! not stills but video. I’m sure someone has shot 5k video on the Scarlet but anyway….we are releasing the video today and I’ll be sure to post it up on this post as soonas we release it!!

Jamaican Pop Star “Omi” in Bend for music video w/ Tim Cash

I Everyone! Far From Earth Films, Tim Cash. just catching a breath here after a long week of production. Have had the pleasure of hosting Oufah Media from Jamaica in Bend Oregon on what has been the coldest days of the year for a full fledged winter flick titled “TAKE IT EASY”! One of the biggest pieces to telling this adventure story has been helicopter shots! I’ve never had the budget to hire a heli- pilot and cinematographer before but felt for the story we were trying to tell and the vast scope of wilderness we were dealing with was only coverable from a chopper. We shot in the Deschutes National Forest right up near Mt Bachelor, A ski area 22 miles outside of Bend. As Omi travels deeper and deeper into the wilderness he finds what he’s been searching for. We also captured shots at a cave near by and at the FARfromEARTH STUDIO here in Bend.

The 2nd music video “FIREWORKS” was shot entirely at the FFE studio and included some set building which was great as we really got to control the light . we also experimented with some frame rates at 12fps at 5k on the RED.

anyway, look for the music videos! coming soon!!

Red Scarlet X : shooting right out the Box!

Just pulled the new RED SCARLET X CAMERA out of the box and started filming. the dynamic range is amazing. especially coming from the 5d. things look sharper and more detailed. the shadows show through amazing. what would have been totally lost is right there infront of your eyes. Anyway with no one nearby to capture I turned the camera on myself and recorded this in 6 takes from 6 different angles. and that pretty much filled up the new 64GB card and I was off to the edit! let me know what you think! have a wonderful day from Tim Cash at Far from Earth films

Red Scarlet X (Just out of the box music video TEST) from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

Pennan Brae’s new glow light music video

Hi Everybody! Tim Cash back again. I can now officially say I’ve shot a black light glow light music video. check! I really had no idea what this was going to look like before we got into it. but wow! its weird and you’re just not sure what you’re looking at sometimes. I love it! the colors are rich and the bubbles are bright! The performance and dance shots we shot in the FFE studio under huge black lights with 2 people on either side of the camera blowing black light bubbles. the glow suits were purchased from glowcity out of New York. The second location was the Peterson Rock Garden just minutes from the studio. it’s a trippy little place with castles built from really cool rocks found within 82 miles from the location by the orginal owner in the 1950’s. anyway said enough! hope you enjoy!

Pennan Brae | Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout Love | music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

San Francisco Surrendered to the Happy Face’s

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash with Far from Earth Films here!


One of the funnest and most exciting shooting days in my career. again kudos to the gear(canon 5d w/ 2 lenses 24 & 50mm) for being small enough to let me sneak around the city undetected as I mirrored 2 giant happy faces that were grabbing attention from everywhere! Instead of casting tons of extras we decided to use everyone we ran into in the video right on the spot. the whole thing was very spontaneous. I did have a concept and script we just need to walk round the city and bag the shots in a timely manner and still have enough time to shoot our big finale at the giants game at AT&T Park. The video below is what came out of one day shooting in the city with our 2 happy faces.

Tim Cash kneeling down to get a shot of Miss happy Face(Robert Slaney)

A moment of laughter sharing a funny shot with Rob Slaney in the female happy face suite!

Also captured the Golden Gate singing shots with Pennan Brae during an amazing fog storm that was rolling over the bridge the eve of our big shooting day! Oh when I say OUR…Our crew consisted of Pennan Brae(singer/songwriter) who also played the male Happy face and our very own FFE grip/ac Robert Slaney who we give the BIGFAR award to for bucking up and taking the female Happy Face role when no one else would. He brought his A game! and me Tim Cash and my little 5d and 2 lens. no supports,tripods or anything else used during the making of this video. Just down and dirty gonzo above the law filmmaking….or under the law not sure what phrase to use there. either way I just looked like every other tourist on the street with a Canon 5D so epic WIN!
Happy Face’s designed for the video by Allison Murphy of Utilitu Designs


Hey Everyone! Tim Cash of Far from Earth Films here! In the summer 2012 Jah Sun approached me to do a piece that was about his uncle and the hardship and changes that had fallen on his life. It sounded like a challenge and the first order of business was finding an actor that could transform into a street dweller or in this case turn into a wealthy looking middle-aged man. We hired actor Wayne Newcomb he nailed it and came dressed for success. we shot his street scenes then sent him to the stylist to get studded up for his part as the suit.
we shot this video over 2 days in Bend Oregon. big thankyou to the Old mill for letting us sit in their beautiful flowers. Kristen and Mark for providing their warm beautiful home. Scott Jacobson for his help with our hospital location and his wonderful performance! thx again everyone!

Christening the Studio with the Cloaked Characters

After 2 months of construction Far From Earth Films has  opened the 500 sq ft green screen soundstage in Bend Oregon. Our first shoot was for the upcoming documentary DIY about our ties to the 21st  century music indsutry. The Cloaked Characters are in the film and this is a music video excerpt from it. Loved getting the chance to experiment with new lighting in a controlled environment without having to rent a space to shoot. the future is ours!! Tim Cash directs!

if you’re interested in having a music video produced by Tim cash and Far from Earth Films contact Tim at