Ju Drum & C-Baker Music Video

Sometimes the stars are aligned and things come together just as they should. “Everything’s Gone Be Alright” was wonderful fun video and I had a great time making it. I traveled solo down to Arcata, Ca and was able to pull this piece off. I have to hand it to the talent as no one in the piece had ever acted and they did such a great job. u Drum and C-Baker were a pleasure to work with and be around and brought tons of energy to the song and video with their great performances. Ok, anyway, hope you like this new one! I really love it! Shot on the Red Scarlet! Tim Cash Far From Earth Films!

Everything’s Gon Be Alright” Ju Drum & C-Baker directed by Tim Cash from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

Christening the Studio with the Cloaked Characters

After 2 months of construction Far From Earth Films has  opened the 500 sq ft green screen soundstage in Bend Oregon. Our first shoot was for the upcoming documentary DIY about our ties to the 21st  century music indsutry. The Cloaked Characters are in the film and this is a music video excerpt from it. Loved getting the chance to experiment with new lighting in a controlled environment without having to rent a space to shoot. the future is ours!! Tim Cash directs!

if you’re interested in having a music video produced by Tim cash and Far from Earth Films contact Tim at timcash@farfromearthfilms.com