Bomb-Ass Chicken Coop out in me front yard!

Its me again Tim Cash! Far From Earth Films
Yep! There is a chicken coop boom happening in the world….well maybe not but in Bend Oregon its a thing for sure. Urban farming seems to be a thing on the rise as people are saying NO to store bought goods that have been shipped from half way around the world and are still somehow considered fresh! Well in the past 2 years I’ve watched many friends get chickens even in their suburban lives. even I’ve got 5 chickens out in a me back yard !
Anyway just setting up the video here. Travis Barter of Woven Roots first sent me the song a couple of months ago and I thought it was brilliant! I always loved topical songwriting and like I said I’ve been watching it happen! The goal with the video was to poke fun at serious rappers who love to degrade women and show off their most prized possession…MONEY! Well a spoof on that would be to do the same in a chicken coop setting. but instead of the money we needed something else GREEN and with all the references to Swiss Chard which middle america probably has no clue what that is….we used it! so be preppared to laugh unless of course you take life way too seriously then this isnt for you. Keep in mind we made this from a fun place and there were alot of laughs happening durig filming and we hope you laugh too! keep in mind this is a spoof and not to be taken seriously. no one or animal or even vegetable were disrespected in the making…I mean for god-sakes the album is called “Respect All Things”!!!

Woven Roots | Chicken Coop | Tim Cash Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.