The ASTRONOT | Feature Film

WOW! What to say about this one? As a filmmaker you spend your entire life building up to that moment. The moment when you get to be at the helm of a feature film. Maybe its not Jurassic Park…or Saving Private Ryan But its a film! A feature film! funny how I thought the dream had died. How I didn’t really crave it anymore…to make a BIG ONE! Maybe that was the grounding I needed to do it. The task ahead was daunting. almost 30 days of shooting. Most days just me as the crew and the talent who were also doubling as crew. I suppose I should start at the top!

A few years back I had the pleasure of collaberating with Pennan Brae on several music video. All really fun and entertaining concepts. Pennan is from Vancouver BC and is a musical genius riff writer / songwriter and composer. Anyway, after a slew of music videos he decided to take his art in a new direction. He began to pen a story and record a soundtrack to a feature film. He told me he felt that he’s pretty much done everything he set out to do with music videos and heart was pulling him towards this story.

First I have to reflect on the first time i ever saw Pennan. He had emailed after searching for music video directors online. I immediately looked him up and watched the GOING DOWN music video. the opening had a funny little scene before the song started and I laughed out loud. Pennan doesn’t even say a word. He just reacts…and it was so FUNNY!! So here comes the chance to help him tell his story! THE ASTRONOT. The story of an odd man living his secluded life in 1969 rural central Oregon. Afraid of whats out there while following the space race and a new frontier of human discovery!

This film began principal production in October of 2015 and we finished in Febuary after an early and long winter set us back. So many things to say about this one I just don’t even know where to begin. in the end I hope it looks like it took a big crew to make and that our story is concise and ..well riveting! You will have to be the judge of that when it comes out this summer. until then here is the preview!





I think this is my first HARD ROCK music video

Hey Everyone! This is Tim Cash. Summer is here! And to start it all off we have a brand new Music Video out for Central Oregon based rock/metal band OPEN FATE! I had a wonderful fun time working with the guys who all brought their A Game! We pretty much shot the whole video in a day starting at the FFE homestead Studio just outside of Bend and then running around town for the rest. Hope to work with these guys again! I loved creating a movie-like piece to their music and pay homage to some old 90’s music videos I grew up watching! Hope you all enjoy!

and here are a few behind the scenes pics!






Ju Drum’s anthem REBEL!

Hi Everyone!! Tim Cash from Far From Earth Films ( A division of Far From Earth Creative). In the final days of February I had the great pleasure to work with Ju Drum an incredibly talented Nigerian Reggae artist living in California. The song features Messenjah Selah and a slew of talented artists. We shot at some incredible locations on the north coast of California. In the video you’ll see capaweta, an opening drum solo from JuDrum. A tribal native in Stevie Culture, Jude through a cool chain linked fence and MORE! please go and check it out if you have the time!

Who says you can’t shoot a Music Video on the Red Scarlet at 5k

Hi again everyone! Tim Cash of Far from Earth Films and Far From Earth Creative here in Bend Oregon. Well had the chance to put my new RED Scarlet to the test as it arrived just days before 2 BIG Music video shoots for Jamaican pop sensation Omi. We shot one of the videos at regular speed 24fps at 4k and it looks gorgeous! But the other music video I wanted to try something a little different. In the past I’ve experimented with variable frame rates for singing shots. shooting at 36fps and having the talent sing the song at a sped up 150% and I’ve also done 18fps. and had them sing to the song at 75%. when put into a 24 fps timeline each look is different but adds drama. slowmo singing or sped up singing. but this was the first time I decided to shoot an entire music video at 12fps. and have the singer sync to a 50% slowed down version of the song.then edit at 24fps. the result is a highly animated sped up look and we got away with 5k on the Scarlet! not stills but video. I’m sure someone has shot 5k video on the Scarlet but anyway….we are releasing the video today and I’ll be sure to post it up on this post as soonas we release it!!

Bend Oregon: The New Capital for Low Budget Music Video Production

When I first moved to Bend Oregon I was awestruck by the scenery! I didn’t realize that years later I’d be using it as a backdrop in music videos that would draw clients to Central Oregon. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties I really want to work closer to Bend Oregon and spend more time with my family. We’ve managed to bring clients to Bend from all over the globe including Korea, Canada and the Caribbean. Bend Oregon is an easy place to sell to people just send them a few pics of the Sisters, Smith Rock and neighboring waterfalls and they are sold.

Add the FARfromEARTH Film ranch to the equation and you have a recipe for success. located 5 miles outside of Bend Oregon on the north eastern side of Long Butte with scenic views and serenity the ranch is ever growing. We just added our green screen studio, lounge and edit suite and have future plans for a live-in private condo connected to the studio where clients can retreat after a long days shoot. We’re also working on an experimemntal garden as well as rain water catchment irrigation system. An oasis in the desert!


Jam corner

Brainstorm at the High-Top




We want clients to come to Bend and get the Movie -Star treatment for a dime compared to other production houses. Sometimes music videos can have hidden expenses you didnt plan for like food and lodging. those can add up quick and end up doubling your budget. Our goal is to include all the amenities to our clients free of charge.

here are just a few great examples of music videos we’ve been able to pull off right here Bend Oregon!

if you’d like to book a music video with FARfromEARTH Films please contact

Welcome To FARfromEARTH Films

Hi Everyone! My name is Tim Cash. Welcome to FARfromEARTH Films. This is our brand new website. Its not as pretty as the last one but I’ll be be able to keep everyone up to date easier with this one. FARfromEARTH Films is a hi-tek boutique production company based in Bend Oregon with means to travel the continent and the world beyond for your special project. We specialize in but are never limited to Music Video production, Commercial production, Documentary Production, TV and more!