New Music Video for Pennan Brae

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Alot going on since the beginning of the week. We started shooting our 4 music videos for Pennan Brae on Sunday the 22nd and now its Saturday the 28th and we’ve actually released one music video! I sent Pennan my first cut and he said; “this one came out of the oven just right!” which meant it was done and ready for prime time. Typically the videos have to go back in the oven for 1 or 2 more times to get it just right but hey! Cant beat that!

“Signs” is a tribute the vastness of the western United States and its historical Americana style! Pennan Brae came to me with a 50 state license plate collection and a license plated piece of guitar art and said “I want to make a music video with these!”. Ok, Pennan! Ofcourse we can do that! For this video we headed east of Bend Oregon about 24 miles to a place called Millican where the sage brush flats appear to go on forever. The basic theme of the video is: A woman is on the lamb and she is using up her license plates as she goes. Eventually she is left with none and her journey must come to an end……well, I’ll just let you watch and figure it out!
Anyway big thanks to my grip Robert Slaney and my lovely wife Yuvia Storm who plays the cute little gangster vixen! 18 ft Kessler Crane in action quite a bit!

Shot on the canon 5D & 7D

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