Music Videos

With over ten years of experience in shooting music videos, Tim Cash, and the FFE crew, try to take each video to the next level. Tim is always striving to outdo his last project, while growing and changing as a filmmaker. Adapting styles, changing with the times, and always being willing to try something new, is what sets Far from Earth Films apart from the rest. Our team is kind and encouraging. We understand that our talent must feel comfortable and at ease, while also pulling from them, emotion and intrigue.  All of this, accompanied by the latest, greatest, gear, at no extra cost to the client. Eliminating the need to rent gear, allows clients to invest more into the creative side of production, which we believe in!




We have lost track of exactly how many videos we have produced, from concept to completion… But it is well over 100!


Joanna Lee “Drinking by Myself


Itaweh “Herb Treez”
Itaweh “Never Fade Away”
Itaweh “Love Youths”
C Baker ft. Pato Banton “Together We Can Make It”
Joanna Lee “The Real Thing”
The Higher Logic Project “We Smoke”


C-Baker “Dreams”
Marcio Santos “Surrender”
Jah Sun “The Storm”
Jah Sun “Salute”
Jah Sun “World is a Ghetto”
Mykal Somer “Officer”
Jah Sun & I Kronik “Food For Thought”
Jah Sun & Randy Valentine “Brothers Keeper”
Jah Sun & House Of Riddim “Good Try”
Jan Sun “Serenity”
C Baker ft. Berel Alexander “What Would U Do”
JuDrum “Get Down Lo
JuDrum “Juicy Le”


Ju Drum “Tribute”
Ju Drum “Praise”
Brett Dennen “When We Were Young” FAN VIDEO & #100
Jah Sun “New Paradigm” (post-production)
Jah Sun “Never Give Up”
Xedous “Power Of The Most Hi”
Open Fate “Anything For You”
Mykal Somer “Dancing Mood” (post-production)
State of Jeffereson “Sunset on the Ganja Farm


Omi “Fireworks”
Omi “Take It Easy”
Jah Sun “I Know How It Feels”
Woven Roots “I Can Feel”
Ju Drum “Rebel”
Ju Drum “Energy”
Jah Sun “Can’t Live Good” ft. Richie Spice
Jah Sun “Rise As One”
jah Sun “Journey of a thousand miles”
Jah Sun “Foundation” ft. Kabaka Pyramid
Jah Sun “Blessings Now” ft. Lion D (post-production)
Ju Drum & C Baker “Everything’s Gon Be Alright”
Carol Frazier “Holy Roller Swing”
Anastacia “Awakening The Silence”
Brad Jones (KEEZ) Mr. Stallenbrow
Rogue Wanda “My 2 Boys”
Rogue Wanda “Garden Girl”
Dubtonic Kru “Everlasting Love”
Jah Sun “Cosmic”
Jah Sun “Mathmatics”
Noah “Evil” (post production)
Marcio “Abuso”
C Baker ft. Ju Drum “I WIll Rock”
Xedous “Everday”
Xedous “Jah Open Up mi Door”
Xedous “My Life She Made”


Pennan Brae “Fling”
Pennan Brae “Signs”
Pennan Brae “Forgotten man”
Pennan Brae “Blind Love”
Jah Sun “Manifest”
Cloaked Characters “Endless Road”
Jah Sun ft. Peetah Morgan “Heart Like A Lion”
Saritah “Tears of joy”
Danny Fingers & Thumbs “What to do Today”
Omi “Standing on All Threes”
Omi “Cheerleader”
Woven Roots “Chicken Coop”
Mykal Somer “Its Working”
Jah Sun “Life Is A Blessing”
Pennan Brae “Pennan Brae”
Pennan Brae ” WOnt You Spend The Night”
Pennan Brae “Dont Know Nothin Bout Love”
Hilst & Coffey “It Goes”
Laurel Brauns “Anywhere”
Hilst & Coffey “Kate”


Brian Lee “Wrapped up in Books”
Harvey Swanson “Junkies Reflection”
Joanna Lee “Sunshine”
Laurel Brauns “kaleidoscope Eyes”
Brian Lee “Lady in Black”
Pennan Brae “If I Lose You”
Mykal Somer “Tonite”
Brian Lee “Devil Hunting” revisited
Pennan Brae “Something’s Missing”
Pennan Brae “For You”
Brian Lee “Glad You Are Mine”
Pennan Brae “Lonely Heartbeat”
Brian Lee “21 Again” USA version


Jah Sun “Meditation”
Collective Elements “Superpurplefunkalistic”
Jah Sun “Jaimaca”
Leif James “Here I Go”
Magic Heart Genies “Good Look”
Jah Sun & Alboroie “Ganjah Don”
Versatial “Washington”
Ishi Dube “Like Rain”
I-Taweh “Overload”
Magic Heart Genies “Get Mystical”
Josh Sarles “Love”
Soul Majestic “medical condition 215”
Brian Lee “Devil Hunting”
Woven Roots “Amazon”
Cloaked Characters “Musical Waves”
Brian Lee “I Want You”
Jah Sun & Stevie culture “Microchip”
Brian Lee “21 Again”
Brian Lee “Boys Dont Cry”


Anastacia Beth Scott “Grains of Sand”
Harvey Swanson “Skipping Stones”
Harvey Swanson “Okanogan Waltz”
Harvey Swanson”Clinically Cynical”
Harvey Swanson “Primal Therapy”
Matt Lewis Band “Fireworks”
Jah Sun “Do Good”
Essential I and Promoe “Future Cops”


Rogue Wanda “Cardoor”
Joe Leonardi “The Man”
Hannahs Field “Puff Puff Give”
Essential I “Fire Danger”
Erin Cole Baker “The New”
Harvey Swanson “Here We Are”


Jah Sun “Firedance”
Ras Attitude “Trodding Home”


Joy Wilson “The Wonders”
Harvey Swanson “Daddy’s Gone To Baghdad”