Feature Film

Our latest narrative feature production 2 BELOW 0

Filmed during the winter of 2019.


Check out our feature film project from the summer of 2017 THE ASTRONOT

Shot in Beautiful Central Oregon, Tim Cash directs Pennan Brae in this corky, off the wall, space race, 1960’s, mellow drama, about one mans fate. Left to live a life in solidarity, Daniel Mckovsky, steps out of the safe bubble he has been living in. But what is awaiting him, he may not be prepared to see… This is our first feature film, and a family project, at that! Most days it was just Tim Cash and two actors, musician Pennan Brae and actress Yuvia Storm, Tim Cash’s wife. On some days Their 10 year old son Kiran, who also acts in the movie, would help with production.

We our so excited to share this piece with the world as it plays on the film festival circuit.


Husband and wife team of directors, Tim Cash and actress Yuvia Storm, along side Musician/composer/actor/screenwriter Pennan Brae. On set in Bend Oregon for the feature film the Astronot.

Kiran Cash not only played young Danny in the Astronot film but he was also a key grip on shoots…that took place after school let out!

Tim Cash and Kiran Cash working on Pennan Brae’s Astronot costume just minutes before filming a scene for the feature film the Astronot in Bend Oregon.

far far away, Tim Cash films Pennan Brae for a scene in The Astronot movie