Deftones Chino Moreno & producer Matt Hyde craft hypnotic melodies at Far From Earth Studios for new album GORE

I have to preface this blog post with this: The day I drove up the driveway to the homestead for the first time and looked out over the juniper forest, in an easterly direction, a feeling hit me. Call it a vibe. At the time I was just scoping properties to hopefully own my own piece of central oregon. That was 2009.

Fast forward six years and the place is mine. I feel as though the great energy and vibes have compounded as my family and I have put nothing but love, art and music into this place! Over the last 5 years I’ve been slowly building up the studio portion as it morphs into so many different things. My edit bay which is where most of my work happens, hasn’t changed, but around it keeps changing. From green screen studio, to jam room, to live tracking, to apartment, and comfy living. Most importantly a homey vibe!

Anyway, in the early summer of 2015 I received a text from a friend in the video/sound industry, he said someone was looking for a “dead” room. My edit bay has a very dead sound so I said “yeah” I got one of those! Thinking it was some kind of commercial VO thing or something. So on a whim they went for it. I really wasn’t sure who “they” were yet. They booked the place for 3 days and when Matt Hyde (producer ,engineer) showed up, I wasn’t sure who he was either. Big smile and super nice, the first thing out of his mouth was “I gotta be honest, I’m not sure what I’m walking into here” . So I said “well , let me show you” I took him right to my edit bay where I had a few c stands in the corner holding up some egg crate panels in a makeshift kinda booth…again I’m thinking VO for a commercial. Luckily Matt looked it over and thought he could totally make it work. He bgan to setup his “fancy smancy” mic and took over the couch in the living room as his control room. Such a simple setup! So I chatted with Matt some more and asked what the project was and he said “We’re recording vocals for the Deftones”. Wow, my heart dropped a little. (thats a household name). As it turns out the frontman for the Deftones, Chino Moreno, lives in Bend. He wasn’t really into going to LA and living in a hotel room for several weeks, while they recorded the vocals. Cant say that I blame him. Now that I have my little slice of heaven I never want to leave anymore!

The next day, Matt and Chino arrived, excited to get started! Chino was super humble and complimented the property, which we are always excited to talk abut. He seemed as though he’s managed to make it through 20 years of being a rockstar, without losing perspective on shit! That is a testament to him!

As they settled in, the family and I packed up and headed out camping for 3 days, to give them space and run of the land.
When we returned I popped in to see how things were going. They were excited like little kids! They had broken through a rut that they had found themselves in, in an earlier session in LA.  They explored new melodies that hd taken them to new heights!! They both mentioned several times about the magical vibes of the place. The privacy to be able to hangout, outside, among thousand year old Juniper trees. To lay in a hammock and write lyrics, then go inside and voice them, was something a bit new to the typical LA, recording environment. After the 3 days Matt wanted to keep the vibes rolling and they spent another 7 recording all the albums vocals!


The ASTRONOT | Feature Film

WOW! What to say about this one? As a filmmaker you spend your entire life building up to that moment. The moment when you get to be at the helm of a feature film. Maybe its not Jurassic Park…or Saving Private Ryan But its a film! A feature film! funny how I thought the dream had died. How I didn’t really crave it anymore…to make a BIG ONE! Maybe that was the grounding I needed to do it. The task ahead was daunting. almost 30 days of shooting. Most days just me as the crew and the talent who were also doubling as crew. I suppose I should start at the top!

A few years back I had the pleasure of collaberating with Pennan Brae on several music video. All really fun and entertaining concepts. Pennan is from Vancouver BC and is a musical genius riff writer / songwriter and composer. Anyway, after a slew of music videos he decided to take his art in a new direction. He began to pen a story and record a soundtrack to a feature film. He told me he felt that he’s pretty much done everything he set out to do with music videos and heart was pulling him towards this story.

First I have to reflect on the first time i ever saw Pennan. He had emailed after searching for music video directors online. I immediately looked him up and watched the GOING DOWN music video. the opening had a funny little scene before the song started and I laughed out loud. Pennan doesn’t even say a word. He just reacts…and it was so FUNNY!! So here comes the chance to help him tell his story! THE ASTRONOT. The story of an odd man living his secluded life in 1969 rural central Oregon. Afraid of whats out there while following the space race and a new frontier of human discovery!

This film began principal production in October of 2015 and we finished in Febuary after an early and long winter set us back. So many things to say about this one I just don’t even know where to begin. in the end I hope it looks like it took a big crew to make and that our story is concise and ..well riveting! You will have to be the judge of that when it comes out this summer. until then here is the preview!





How I Got on the ground floor of Omi’s #1 billboard hit

Hello everyone! My name is Tim Cash. I am a music video director specializing in ultra-low-budget music videos.

On the set of FIREWORKS music video shoot

In the summer of 2012 I was contacted by Omi’s management to produce 2 music videos for Omi (Cheerleader & Standing On All Threes) which would be his debut into the world of music and would bring him into the spotlight for the VERY first time….on a small scale at first that is..

I can still remember getting off the the phone with the Jamaican label and thinking “why would this crew of Jamaicans ever want to come to the middle of nowhere (Bend Oregon) to shoot a music video”. I guess I’ll take a little credit for that as my business was booming making reggae music videos up and down the west coast at the time. Less that a week later they were here with very little time to prep.

The evening before the big CHEERLEADER shoot I lost my location which was a closed down bank that was to set the stage for the entire video. We had a possible second bank which I told everyone to meet at early in the AM. I stood in a parking lot with 20 extras,several actors,crew,makeup and of course a Jamaican record label. All I could think was…this is a shit show and I was SO embarrassed. Everything had fall apart. the big concept I was trying to create seemed not even an option. In order to start getting some shots in the can we headed out in the middle of the day(worst lighting) to shoot our driving scenes while one of my grips CHRIS KAS desperately tried to find another location for our bank robbery.

I hired several crew and before this shoot I was pretty used to working on my own. A large crew and heavy equipment slowed down the production and left me stuck mostly getting the car shots from an expensive gimbal the RED was attached to. it made for great smooth shots but created the same look from all its shots….LAME! I’m a big fan of getting everything from every angle and this gave us 1. and was slow to move on and off of. but hey…atleast we were getting some shots in the can.

Quickly we ran to a pet store parking lot to meet the owner of the white classic car and decided to post up and do a quick 1 take singing shot which ended up being the singing shot thats throughout the original video in front of the beamer with the girl on the hood. (normally I get tons of singing shots in several locations. this one take was the only take I had through the entire song. All the other singing shots were just quick one-offs.

Right around this time I got a text from Chris Kas that the Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend said yes to us shooting in the lobby and trying to create a bank scene. not sure they had any idea of the amount of people we would bring in. and pretty sure they were not stoked…in fact we had less than an hour to get the shots in the lobby before they pretty much threw us out.. I’m sure they are stoked at this point!

Here is the original Cheerleader music video from 2012
Omi Cheerleader (original 2012) official music video

In early 2014 I was hired to re-edit the original to match this remix by Ricky Blaze

Omi Cheerleader “Ricky Blaze remix video edit”

The Felix Jaehn remix ended up getting put ontop of the Ricky Blaze music video resulting in an Aweful version that matches the tempo of the song in no way whats so EVER! and now has over 170 million views….YIKES!!!

Omi Cheerleader Felix Jaehn version

The day before we shot cheerleader we shot this music video which was my favorite of the two..

Six months would go by before I heard from Omi’s team again. This time in January of 2013 they flew to Bend for 2 more music videos. Fireworks was shot exclusively at the FFE STUDIO just outside of Bend Oregon indoors when the temps outside dropped in the negatives…

Omi FIREWORKS music video

About those cold temps…for “Take it Easy” we brought Omi out into the wilderness in -20 degrees to shoot this epic tale of fantasy and vision to find fallen rock climber in the snowy mountains..


Now that he’s famous its pretty cool that I have him serenading my wife YUVIA STORM “Oh I think that Tim’s found himself a Cheerleader” at 00:46

In the end it was a blessing to get the chance to concept and produce 4 music videos for the then “not a star” Omi. He was humble and nice and a pleasure to be around! lets hope the fame doesn’t change any of that….

Inside the FFE STUDIO. Shooting scenes for FIREWORKS
SUPER-COLD January day in the Cascades outside of Bend Oregon w/ Omi
Bend Bulletin newspaper headline.

I think this is my first HARD ROCK music video

Hey Everyone! This is Tim Cash. Summer is here! And to start it all off we have a brand new Music Video out for Central Oregon based rock/metal band OPEN FATE! I had a wonderful fun time working with the guys who all brought their A Game! We pretty much shot the whole video in a day starting at the FFE homestead Studio just outside of Bend and then running around town for the rest. Hope to work with these guys again! I loved creating a movie-like piece to their music and pay homage to some old 90’s music videos I grew up watching! Hope you all enjoy!

and here are a few behind the scenes pics!






Omi “Take It Easy” our BIGGEST Budget Music Video to date!

Hi everyone! Tim Cash of FARfromEARTH Films here for another blog post. I’m excited to share with you this new music video and the story behind it! I was contacted a few months ago by Oufah Media out of Jamaica to produce 2 music videos for their breakout star Omi! We had shot 2 music videos for Omi last summer which jump started his career and gave him fame in his home country Jamaica and beyond. I was given the song “Take It Easy” which had some very prominent steel drum and had a real island beach vibe to it…So I think they were surprised when I pitched them an Alaska adventure music video. thats said, Oufah Media likes to think out of the box and do things different. In jamaica there is no shortage of beachy music videos so this will be a nice contrast and really stand out. In order to truly capture the epic journey I wanted for the concept we had to hire a helicopter for 2 hours. thanks to veteran pilot Chris Jordan and cameraman Sky Pinnick they were able to capture the snowmobile journey from the sky. Omi’s stunt double Byron Garth laid out huge line sin the powder snow. some of the things that made this production a bit stressful: weather was horrible leading up to the shooting day and the forest service seem to wait till the last minute to approve the permit. but in the end it all went off beautifully with at least 10-12 inches of fresh snow. and speckled clouds with blue sky popping through.

In celebration of our 100th Music Video!!

This is definitely a milestone for me and my company FFE FILMS! …and in celebrating that I decided to shoot a FAN VIDEO for Brett Dennen! It seemed like a natural idea as I was watching my 5 year old sing and dance to Brett Dennen’s latest album “Smoke and Mirrors” The song “When We Were Young” seemed like the perfect fit for a concept where the kids could act out the performance of the song in a cool setting. A week later we didi it and as luck would have it it just so happened to be my 100th! So proud of the kids for their job well done in the piece! Hope you like!

Starring Isa Cash 5, Kiran Cash 8 and Ian Swett 8


Watch other music videos by Tim Cash

WORLD PREMIER: Anastacia “Awakening The Silence”

Big hello everyone!! Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films here writing to tell you about an amazing experience I had a few months ago shooting a Short Film with Singer/songwriter Anastacia! I love my job!! and some days I love it even more than usual! Sometimes things come together in ways not thought possible….I’m talking about many things but I’m also talking about the “WEATHER”, but when you put it like that it seems SO scientific not so MEANT TO BE!! Which is really what it was. Last October we had a string of really cold and rainy days! In the middle of this “weather” pattern was a break.. and only for a day! We were shooting from the time the sun came up till after the sun went down and what we captured in my eyes…WAS MAGIC!! We kept it simple and I had an idea of some great locations we wanted to shoot at but with a little more exploration we found some hidden gems right here in Central Oregon! Maybe places you’re not used to seeing so much even if you are a local to the area!

Armed with my RED Scarlet camera and Kessler pocket dolly Anastacia and I traveled from corner to corner of the county capturing some breathtaking images all the while telling a story hidden within another. To sum it up the concept is about LETTING GO and STARTING OVER. Watch all the way till the end for what are the most magical beams of sunlight in a misty rainforest I’ve ever been present for. brings shivers down my spine!

This marks the 2nd video I’ve collaborated on with Anastacia and what a great experience to share with such a passionate and talented artist! We’ve been friends for years and it was great to spend the day hanging out and making art!

One thing that makes this video different than music videos I’ve done in the past is there are no singing shots! This was a first for me and I had wanted to do this for a while! Just tell a story and not convolute it with singing shots. A Short Film…kinda. Maybe more in the future we’ll see! I definitely see myself wanting to take things in a new direction….if the project permits of course!

Hope you all enjoy!
Tim Cash

2013 = 27 music videos shot on the RED Camera

2013 The year in review!

Well, at the beginning of 2013 I made one of the biggest gambles of my career to stay ahead of the competition. The goal to spend alomost 20,000 on a RED camera and instead of raising my prices with an included huge jump in quality….just shoot more music videos!! After many heart palpitations in the beginning and a successful first half of the year the camera was PAID OFF!! Shwoo, talk about feeling blessed!

It all started in december of 2013 when a call from the Jamaican artist management company Oufah Media requested to shoot 2 more music videos for their premier artist OMI. We had shot 2 music videos for him in the summer of 2012. and I rented the RED which came with a DP, costing several thousand dollars. when it came time to spend several thousand dollars again and a huge price drop on the RED from $40,000 all in to just under $20,000 I had to take a chance and see what happens!

The result was the most successful year to date. Maybe not monetarily but definitely in popularity. With 3 #1 music videos on Hype Tv in Jamaica as well as several articles in newspapers and magazines the word is getting out! Some people may not understand. Especially ones who have been in the film business for years. I’m the a^&hole bringing prices to the floor and shutting down studios left and right….or people like me….I cant take all the credit..:)

Its the 21st century where one man can create visuals on par with hollywood teams…well thats debateable of course. but we try and get as close as possible!

Omi “Fireworks”
Omi “Take It Easy” (unreleased)
Jah Sun “I Know How It Feels”
Woven Roots “I Can Feel” wet version
Woven Roots “I Can Feel” dry version
Ju Drum “Rebel”
Ju Drum “Energy”
Jah Sun “Can’t Live Good” ft. Richie Spice (unreleased)
Jah Sun “Rise As One”
jah Sun “Journey of a thousand miles”
Jah Sun “Foundation” ft. Kabaka Pyramid
Jah Sun “Blessings Now” ft. Lion D (unreleased)
Ju Drum & C Baker “Everything’s Gon Be Alright”
Carol Frazier “Holy Roller Swing”
Anastacia “Awakening The Silence” (post-produciton)
Brad Jones (KEEZ) Mr. Stallenbrow
Rogue Wanda “My 2 Boys”
Rogue Wanda “Garden Girl”
Dubtonic Kru “Everlasting Love”(post prodcution)
Jah Sun “Cosmic” (post production)
Jah Sun “Mathmatics” (post production)
Noah “So Evil” (post production)
Marcio “Abuso”
Xedous “Jah Open up mi door” (post production)
Xedous “Everyday” (post production)
Xedous “My Life She Made” (post production)
C Baker ft. Ju Drum “How I Rock” (post production)

November Music Video Tour (recap)

Hey Everyone!! My name is Tim Cash. I shoot,edit and direct music videos. Most times alone with my red camera and van full of gear! I recently completed my first mini tour of the fall/winter heading south to California. The tour started in Arcata, California with the first video being for Dubtonic Kru (Jamaica) on their latest riddim EVERLASTING LOVE, also the name of their tune produced by Sick Donkey Records out of Washington State. 2 full days of shooting, thrown off a public bus, many beautiful faces,singing shots in the redwoods, kids drawing hearts with chalk and a scene at the Humboldt State University campus. The video is in the edit phase and will probably be the first video completed of the 5 on the trip.

The next 4 days were dedicated to Jah Sun’s 2 new songs, one of which is on the same “Everlasting Love Riddim” produced by Sick Donkey Records. Its called “COSMIC” and is about Jah Sun’s strong and beautiful wife Crystal. She appears in the video doing some insane yoga moves. Love the lighting we were able to achieve in this piece! one of my favs for sure!!

Next music video was mathmatics by Jah Sun! The riddim was produced by Heavy Roots out of Europe…i think. The song is all about the sacred geometry and how math ties everything together. keep a close ear to the lyrics on this one as Jah Sun goes pretty deep and we had an amazing artist in RAS TERMS painting a timelapse of the imagery. The edit is looking amazing!! For Jah Sun s singing shots I was able to find an abondoned mill or factory or something. pretty epic location and was able to bust out some pretty gangsterylicious shots of Jah Sun inside. CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE!!!

The next video shot…still in Arcata, California was for Noah (Costa Rica) on the Everlasting Love Riddim again produced by Sick Donkey Records. His song is called “Why You So Evil”. Again, searching through back alleys was able to find some pretty compelling locations to shoot the singing shots for this video. The story will be added later with additional shooting and stock footage. Another great one on the “Everlasting Love Riddim” by Sick Donkey Records.

After wrapping these 4 videos I headed up into the hills along the 299(Trinity River HWY) to say hello to Mykal Somer & Travis Barter (2 other compelling reggae artists) hang for minute, get some rest and then head deeper into the hills for the 5th and final video of the trip! Marcio’s (BRAZIL) “Abuso”. Marcio is an experimental artist blending some cool sonds with hip hop and a touch of reggae. he is from Brazil and his song is in Portugese…except for a quick verse from Ju Drum (in english). Another great experience! we found some pretty amazing locations and really puLled off some magic. The 2nd day of shooting was in Redding,California for some city shots….and then I got in the van and drove back to Bend Oregon where I am today. simultaneously editing on 5 music videos until I head back south on the Decemeber tour for 4 more music videos in the same region!

Well, thx for listening everyone!! Feeling pretty blessed to spend my life making a living shooting music videos and collaborating with artists!! If you are ever interested in a music video for your song I offer the cheapest prices in the business for the level of production I create with the most modern equipment from the RED camera to a 20ft. camera crane!

here are a few pics taken by the artists during filming. sorry there is not more.. its a bit “one man band” style so I never have a chance to get pics! enjoy!




Jazz Singer Carol Frazier and her “Holy Roller Swing”

Hey Everyone! This is Tim Cash with Far From Earth Creative! We recently had the great privilege of working with international jazz singer Carol Frazier on her website,logo and her 1st music video! She was such a great pleasure to work with. Her passion,drive and work ethic on this production were top notch! The prodcution on this piece from start to finsh was about a month with 2 weeks of prep and planning. I brought in acclaimed dance choreographer Sarah Hall of the The Vibe and she really nailed the feeling of the song and created a dance to match! Ver special thanks to everyone who helped bring this one together!

Checkout Carol’s brand new website as well! HERE!