Omi “Take It Easy” our BIGGEST Budget Music Video to date!

Hi everyone! Tim Cash of FARfromEARTH Films here for another blog post. I’m excited to share with you this new music video and the story behind it! I was contacted a few months ago by Oufah Media out of Jamaica to produce 2 music videos for their breakout star Omi! We had shot 2 music videos for Omi last summer which jump started his career and gave him fame in his home country Jamaica and beyond. I was given the song “Take It Easy” which had some very prominent steel drum and had a real island beach vibe to it…So I think they were surprised when I pitched them an Alaska adventure music video. thats said, Oufah Media likes to think out of the box and do things different. In jamaica there is no shortage of beachy music videos so this will be a nice contrast and really stand out. In order to truly capture the epic journey I wanted for the concept we had to hire a helicopter for 2 hours. thanks to veteran pilot Chris Jordan and cameraman Sky Pinnick they were able to capture the snowmobile journey from the sky. Omi’s stunt double Byron Garth laid out huge line sin the powder snow. some of the things that made this production a bit stressful: weather was horrible leading up to the shooting day and the forest service seem to wait till the last minute to approve the permit. but in the end it all went off beautifully with at least 10-12 inches of fresh snow. and speckled clouds with blue sky popping through.