Jazz Singer Carol Frazier and her “Holy Roller Swing”

Hey Everyone! This is Tim Cash with Far From Earth Creative! We recently had the great privilege of working with international jazz singer Carol Frazier on her website,logo and her 1st music video! She was such a great pleasure to work with. Her passion,drive and work ethic on this production were top notch! The prodcution on this piece from start to finsh was about a month with 2 weeks of prep and planning. I brought in acclaimed dance choreographer Sarah Hall of the The Vibe and she really nailed the feeling of the song and created a dance to match! Ver special thanks to everyone who helped bring this one together!

Checkout Carol’s brand new website as well! HERE!

My 2 Boys

Hey this is Tim Cash with Far From Earth! The other day I woke up and wanted to write a song about my kids…its a diddy more than a song actually. I didnt expect when I poured my cup of joe that morning that when I went to bed I would have a recorded “diddy” and a music video to go with. I guess when the creative juices flow they flow like a river! Anyway, enough said. i share with a tribute to “My 2 Boys”