Pennan Brae’s new glow light music video

Hi Everybody! Tim Cash back again. I can now officially say I’ve shot a black light glow light music video. check! I really had no idea what this was going to look like before we got into it. but wow! its weird and you’re just not sure what you’re looking at sometimes. I love it! the colors are rich and the bubbles are bright! The performance and dance shots we shot in the FFE studio under huge black lights with 2 people on either side of the camera blowing black light bubbles. the glow suits were purchased from glowcity out of New York. The second location was the Peterson Rock Garden just minutes from the studio. it’s a trippy little place with castles built from really cool rocks found within 82 miles from the location by the orginal owner in the 1950’s. anyway said enough! hope you enjoy!

Pennan Brae | Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout Love | music video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

Hilst & Coffey and their NEW Music Video

Hey Everyone! This is Tim Cash with Far from Earth Films. in the past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of Central Oregon and Breedlove’s official groups: Hilst & Coffey. We’ve now shot 2 performance style music videos together. The first being “It Goes”. We shot this whole piece in about 2 hours in all next to the cliffs of the Crooked River. had a great time shooting this one! hope you like! To see more of Hist & Coffey visit their website!!

Hilst & Coffey | It Goes | Tim Cash Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.