Shang Records from Jamaica in Bend Oregon

Hi everyone Tim Cash here! Oregon filmmaker and music video director from Bend Oregon. Towards the end of June I was contacted by Shang Records from jamaica to produce 2 music videos for their latest artist Omi. They gave me creative freedom and let me concept both the videos. which comes with a little stress but atleast you have a god understanding of the story when your shooting. since these videos were set to be the biggest of my career I brought in a few key people and gear. I really wanted to take advantage of 300 fps so we shot on the Red Epic. I also added filmmaker Sky Pinnick on camera and Chris Kas and Robert Slaney as our fueled grip team. we busted out 2 music videos in 2 days which wasnt easy but we did it. it didnt come without some parell. we lost our main location for one of the videos just a day before the shoot. yikes! that led to a near heart attack but luckily we found a backup location. time was running short and we could have gotte way more but ran out of daylight and our new venue thru us to the street. after only 2 hours of shooting. anyway if you get the chance please checkout the videos. my favorite is STANDING ON ALL THREES. Hope you enjoy! for more music videos just check out the MUSIC VIDEO page .