Bend Oregon: The New Capital for Low Budget Music Video Production

When I first moved to Bend Oregon I was awestruck by the scenery! I didn’t realize that years later I’d be using it as a backdrop in music videos that would draw clients to Central Oregon. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties I really want to work closer to Bend Oregon and spend more time with my family. We’ve managed to bring clients to Bend from all over the globe including Korea, Canada and the Caribbean. Bend Oregon is an easy place to sell to people just send them a few pics of the Sisters, Smith Rock and neighboring waterfalls and they are sold.

Add the FARfromEARTH Film ranch to the equation and you have a recipe for success. located 5 miles outside of Bend Oregon on the north eastern side of Long Butte with scenic views and serenity the ranch is ever growing. We just added our green screen studio, lounge and edit suite and have future plans for a live-in private condo connected to the studio where clients can retreat after a long days shoot. We’re also working on an experimemntal garden as well as rain water catchment irrigation system. An oasis in the desert!


Jam corner

Brainstorm at the High-Top




We want clients to come to Bend and get the Movie -Star treatment for a dime compared to other production houses. Sometimes music videos can have hidden expenses you didnt plan for like food and lodging. those can add up quick and end up doubling your budget. Our goal is to include all the amenities to our clients free of charge.

here are just a few great examples of music videos we’ve been able to pull off right here Bend Oregon!

if you’d like to book a music video with FARfromEARTH Films please contact

Christening the Studio with the Cloaked Characters

After 2 months of construction Far From Earth Films has  opened the 500 sq ft green screen soundstage in Bend Oregon. Our first shoot was for the upcoming documentary DIY about our ties to the 21st  century music indsutry. The Cloaked Characters are in the film and this is a music video excerpt from it. Loved getting the chance to experiment with new lighting in a controlled environment without having to rent a space to shoot. the future is ours!! Tim Cash directs!

if you’re interested in having a music video produced by Tim cash and Far from Earth Films contact Tim at

Working on a new Documentary called DIY

Hey There everyone! Tim Cash of Far from Earth Films here. Over the past 6 months I’ve been interviewing DIY independent musicians trying to piece together a film centered around the 21st century music industry. With acts like Leif james, Larry and His Flask,Cloaked Characters, Anastacia Armstrong,Lino Alessio and many more. The film has real music video feel set with interviews..which makes sense since I’ve shot music videos for almost all the artists in the film.  We will be launching a Kickstarter page to help pay for festival entries and dvd and cd duplication costs. I hope to be finished with the film in July but we’ll see….

Here is a quick snipit