Green Screen Studio Bend Oregon

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FARfromEARTH Studios

Located inside the gated Far From Earth Ranch just 5 miles north of Bend Oregon this 1000 sqft. facility on 2.5 acres includes a 140 sqft. edit bay 400 sqft. lounge and a 500 sqft. Green Screen Cyclorama SoundStage.

This Studio space rental is the perfect for pros to amateurs on any budget : commercial,feature,music video production. With the lowest rates in the business this state of the art studio with all new equipment is available for rent.

Studio includes:
1. 500 Sqft. insulated Sound Stage
2. turnkey full body green screen cyclorama
3. several muslin tapestry backdrops to pick from
4. many lighting setups
5. elevated ceiling with lighting options

i know that most studio space can cost anywhere from $500- $1000 and up! I’ve set this studio up for everyone. I know what its like to work on a very tight budget and to have studio rates just a bit too pricey. So I built this for me but honestly how many days a month am I really going to be shooting in here? 4 or 5 maybe! well that leaves over 25 days a month open and just waiting to be used. I set the rates based on what I thought everyone could afford. Some of you may have to save up, but the production value you get for the price is unheard of. Starting at only $200 for a whole day! PLUS HOURLY RATES! Tired of paying for a full day when you only need 2 hours to get the job done?

Raw Soundstage Rate *(2hr minimum)* only 25/hr.
*****(raw rate includes green screen cyclorama with light grid. 2 sandbags plus 2 c-stands. everything else is additional)****

Lowel lite kit 5/hr
Altman light kit 10/hr
Kino 4 banger light kit 12/hr
tapestry backdrops (5 options) 1/hr
canon 7d camera 5/hr
canon 5d camera 10/hr
lens package 10/hr
hazer/smoke machine +juice fee $5 5/hr
24 inch HDMI monitor with 20 ft. cable 2/hr
sound baffles 1/hr
sound package (shotgun,wireless, & hyper cardioid mics oh my! 10/hr
various grip mounts 1/hr
additional c-stands 1/hr

Month Rate **(10 day max)** only 1,000/month (as low as 100 per day)
Yearly Membership **(50 days max)*** only 4,000/year (as low as 80 per day)


Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. Here as in Bend Oregon! Back from “The Bay” !

The 2nd music video we shot on our trip and first to be released was “Heart Like A Lion” . The first single off of Jah Sun’s new album “Battle The Dragon”.  The shoot could not have come together better. Also featured in the video is Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage fame! Super easy to work with and totally PRO!

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. Its beautiful, its rusty , its clean, its dirty and so many things. This was a pleasurable experience for me as I got to  showcase the city and one of my favorite metal structures in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge! Ever since growing up in Jacksonville, Florida and always seeing that bridge in movies and tv I’ve had a fascination with it! So to wheel in and nail these crane shots in less than a half an hour and wheel out with GOLD was very gratifying!

I had the pleasure of working with Jah Sun again who has become a great friend throughout the years! He thinks BIG and I like that.  So we always seem to pull off some pretty BIG videos!

Our actor Ras Terms is a Bay Area Fine Street Artist with murals all over the city! And an incredible artist to boot! For having no acting experience he did an amazing job.

He lives in Oakland where we shot his home scenes. and our warehouse scene was shot in Hayward just south of Oakland. All the job hunting footage was shot on Market St. in San Francisco. So we definitely did some driving on this project!