Welcome To FARfromEARTH Films

Hi Everyone! My name is Tim Cash. Welcome to FARfromEARTH Films. This is our brand new website. Its not as pretty as the last one but I’ll be be able to keep everyone up to date easier with this one. FARfromEARTH Films is a hi-tek boutique production company based in Bend Oregon with means to travel the continent and the world beyond for your special project. We specialize in but are never limited to Music Video production, Commercial production, Documentary Production, TV and more!

Far From Earth Films California Tour

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. I just booked quite a few music videos in California and decided to go ahead and make a tour of it. So March 10th we head out on the open road for a month to shoot 7 music videos as of right now and possibly adding more to the roster. Tons of incredible artist to capture in a short period of time. I’ve always wanted to go on tour! Tour goes as follows:

Arcata, California
Mykal Somer

Ukiah, California

San Francisco, California
Jah Sun & Peetah Morgan
Pennan Brae

Oakland, California
MC Hammer,Too Short & E40

Santa Barbara, California

San Diego, California

Still getting all the dates set in stone!

If you ‘d like to add your band’s music video to the list please contact: timcash@farfromearthfilms.com

New Music Video for Pennan Brae

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Alot going on since the beginning of the week. We started shooting our 4 music videos for Pennan Brae on Sunday the 22nd and now its Saturday the 28th and we’ve actually released one music video! I sent Pennan my first cut and he said; “this one came out of the oven just right!” which meant it was done and ready for prime time. Typically the videos have to go back in the oven for 1 or 2 more times to get it just right but hey! Cant beat that!

“Signs” is a tribute the vastness of the western United States and its historical Americana style! Pennan Brae came to me with a 50 state license plate collection and a license plated piece of guitar art and said “I want to make a music video with these!”. Ok, Pennan! Ofcourse we can do that! For this video we headed east of Bend Oregon about 24 miles to a place called Millican where the sage brush flats appear to go on forever. The basic theme of the video is: A woman is on the lamb and she is using up her license plates as she goes. Eventually she is left with none and her journey must come to an end……well, I’ll just let you watch and figure it out!
Anyway big thanks to my grip Robert Slaney and my lovely wife Yuvia Storm who plays the cute little gangster vixen! 18 ft Kessler Crane in action quite a bit!

Shot on the canon 5D & 7D

Black & White Silent Film Era Music Video

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. I had the wonderful pleasure of concepting and executing this piece for Canadian singer/songwriter Pennan Brae as one of our 4 videos we did together last month. The prep involved wasn’t too bad. Our lead actress has an afinity for that period and did her own wardrobe and makeup which really blew me away! Jared’s outfit was a mishmash of period and JC Penny’s shirt & vest which I returned right after the shoot. We could only find a red hat for him but thats the great thing about Black & White. In the end everything is Black & White! and I purchased the piano for $125 and we just ripped the top off to expose the innards . I was stressing a bit on the location leading up to the shoot but at the last minute my grip Robert Slaney found this place…which we poached till the owner showed. He was actually quite grateful and wondered if anyone ever really noticed his turn of the 20th century town he had set up for passers by.

On a side note; in order to acheive the old projector speed we shot the singing shots to the song at 75% then sped it up in post to 150%. In fact the whole video is sped up to 150% to give it the “LOOK”! Back then I don’t think you could control the speed of projectors or they weren’t constant so they would speed up and slow down. that or maybe they shot at 18 frames a second back then which also gives the sped up look when moving through a projector at 24 frames. Anyway, I didn’t do any research on that. just tried to recapture the look. Hope you all enjoy!!


Some of you asked for more Behind The Scenes so here it is. shot by my grip Robert Slaney