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Far From Earth Films has been Serving Central Oregon since 2005. Contact Tim Cash to book a consultation.

541-389-3918 timcash@farfromearthfilms.com


If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a  video production company in Bend Oregon , we may just be the right fit for you! We understand that most small businesses don’t have a lot of money to spend on a video.  They also know how important it is to show people what they are doing! But why spend more when you can get the same value for less….ALOT LESS!!  Call Tim Cash directly for a free estimate (541-389-3918). or email at (timcash@farfromearthfilms.com) If you’ve already received an estimate from a reputable company we’ll beat it! We may even be able to do it for half of the cost or less and I’ll tell you why:


Other production companies have large amounts of overhead. From rent and utilities to several staffed employees and most times they are going to rent the gear they need for production i.e. lights, cameras and charge you for that cost.  In the end that’s what you are paying for, not the production.

I’ve spent the last 18 years growing my company from the ground up. 10 years ago we purchased a property in Tumalo Oregon and built a production studio, edit house and recording studio on site. The property is paid off so don’t worry, you won’t be paying our rent. Also I hire freelance talent (if needed) for the project at hand and they are paid for the hours spent on “YOUR” project. this may include acting, makeup or hairstyling. An extra crew member if needed. Sometimes though you can save these costs by doing it yourself. that’s always an option. I also own several cameras, drones, lights, dollies, gimbals and lots of other equipment  necessary to create a professional looking product.


My 15 years of knowledge has come from hands on experience behind and in from of the camera. Lighting and editing as well as directing talent in front of the camera. Also I know that this is YOUR project. I’ve been working with clients for 2 decades. I would consider myself a people person and understand in the end this is your video not mine. Some people will fight with you over their artistic vision. I know that some projects need me to be an artist and some need me to be an engineer and I’m ok with that! I’ve been working with small budgets my entire career. I know how to make a little go along way.

What we can do for you!

We specialize in cinematic music videos, commercials, documentaries, and feature films. Our unique approach to video production keeps us ahead of the game, and below most  budgets.

We recently finished our latest feature Narrative 2 BELOW 0. Check out the trailer for the film currently on the film festival circuit.

Our commercials for Oregon Tai Chi Wushu

Oregon Tai Chi Wushu —  Here is an example of an inexpensive web promo. I  Shot this in 2 hours and edited it in 4 hours  with a 24 hour turnaround.  Contact me for pricing and details. 


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